Saturday, April 23, 2016

Great 6 month Doctor visit 4/20/2016, results in!

Triglycerides plummeted from 209 six months ago all the way down to 58. One year ago they were at 367.

It is fair to say that my plan has really improved my liver’s condition.

HA1C down from 5.2 to 5.1, despite the buffet with dessert visits! Again the plan is working. A year ago, it was 6.3.

Cholesterol dropped from 185 to 167. HDL(good) is now just one point into the good range at 41. It does not seem to be considered in the low range anymore. LDL(bad) did go up 7 points but my doctor wasn’t concerned.

I weighed in at 171.6 pounds the morning of my doctor visit which was down from 230 pounds a year ago. I have been in the 170-179 pound range since around the first week of October 2015, around 6 months, so my maintenance program appears to be working.

Immediately below this paragraph is my weigh in from this morning, followed by yesterday’s. Below that is a photo of my main meal two days in a row, the first from yesterday. That is a gargantuan sized bowl overflowing with good food. Those are HUGE chunks of beef there and veggies, HUGE!

I had 5 cups of coffee before heading out to see my doctor so you would think that my pulse and blood pressure readings would be up, right? Wrong, the pressure was 107/62 with a pulse reading of 61.

I attribute the blood pressure and pulse reading improvement to the aerobic exercise component of my plan which is riding the exercycle at a moderate pace for anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes or so a day, 5 times a week.

That shows 11 miles ridden going 52 minutes and burning 404 calories. I did not go fast.

Here’s another surprise for you guys. You know that(if you don’t I will tell you now) one of the components of the plan outlined in my e-book and here is that you must pass on as much sugar, if not all, for the first 2-3 months to kick start your recovery from your pre-diabetic condition.

That is not a permanent situation though. Look at the photo below to show how you can add it back later on in your efforts and still get the numbers(or similar) as I just did.

 Imagine if you will that you buy this e-book and you commit to the plan for say three months. You cut your sugar consumption, quit eating “out of the box”, go out and buy a cheap used exercise bike off Craigslist and ride it for 30 minutes five days a week, take your medicines that your doctor has prescribed(if that has happened) and overall just change your routine slightly, would you consider the $2.99 you spent a good investment? As you continue along with the simple plan, learning your body as you go, watching the pounds and inches drop, would you enjoy hearing people making comments about just how skinny you are getting? How nice would it be to visit your doctor and not get a lecture on why you should let him prescribe Lipitor or another statin drug to get your cholesterol numbers under control?

I say all that and more are possible to you right now if you just make a decision to change your ways a little bit. I say hold off right now on that decision to buy that Starbucks latte and spend the three bucks to gain a little knowledge. Knowledge is power they say.

I walked out of my doctor’s office a year ago weighing 230 pounds with a HA1C sugar average at 6.3 carrying a handout and a reminder to see a nutritionist and take the meds that were prescribed and a warning ringing in my ears, that was it. But thanks to info that is out there and my own efforts, I formulated an approach that now has me with a HA1C reading at 5.1 and in my opinion, a rejuvenated liver, and a weight that sits very comfortably between 170-175. I do not count calories nor do I “eat like a bird.”

Note that I only had 2 slices of the toast,the rest went down the hatch. Eat until you feel full then stop. This will be my big meal of the day. There will be a small one later and maybe a snack at bedtime.

I want you to be in the same situation that I am.

Buy the e-book or another from one of the other fine authors and get started. You will thank me later.

P.S. Your comments are welcome.

William McDonald

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Weight history since June 2015

Courtesy Fatsecret weight loss site where I am a member.

I joined the site a couple months after beginning the weight loss journey that resulted in the e-book that is the subject of this website.

Presented from the present down to June 2015.

I have walked the walk, now it is your turn.

Buy the e-book and get started, today.

William C McDonald

Monday, March 7, 2016

For those who can’t afford the e-book

I have been there, broke and unable to put a couple of nickels together in my life.

This will be the easy nickel version of the plan in the book, distilled to just a few bullet points. This is enough information to start changing your life for the better today. You will start losing weight the first week, for sure.

You just have to follow it.

Cut all sugar out of your diet today.

Get moving today. Start doing some sort of aerobic exercise this very day. Get to where you can do 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I recommend buying off Craigslist one of those exercise bikes where you pump with your arms and pedal with your legs. Anywhere from 10-40 or 50 bucks or just walk briskly, jog or ride that bicycle in your garage.

Take the medicine that your doctor has prescribed for you, as instructed, without fail.

Just trust me on this. Just do it today. Then when you see the weightloss, your choice, buy the book or not.

William McDonald

Thursday, February 18, 2016

A little about me


My name is William McDonald and I live in southern California.

I am the author of the e-book, “Stop your Prediabetes from turning into Diabetes.”

My story is a simple one actually. When I was in my early 20’s, I weighed about 128 pounds and was beanpole skinny with a high metabolic rate. I could eat huge amounts of food and not gain weight.

Once I got an office job, a sedentary job, that along with continued eating and getting older led to me gaining weight. This process continued for decades and
finally came to a head at my doctor’s office on April 15th, 2015 where I was told to my face that if I didn’t start exercising and change my diet, I would be injecting insulin sooner rather than later.

On that day, I weighed in at 230 pounds and looked similar, a little heavier actually, than in the picture below:


I was 61 years old, well into life, and on the downhill section of the slope before finally waking up and making the decision to change my ways and my life for the better.

This e-book tells my story of how I did my own research and added it to what my health and nutrition providers told me, as well as from various health sites online, putting it all together in a simple and cheap way to help you and others to achieve your individual health goals. Looking at the picture below should give you some indication as to whether or not you might believe that I had success with this plan.

The author at 170 pounds just a couple months ago.

So no matter how you got here, unless you have actually been diagnosed as a full blown diabetic, I believe this e-book can help you. Regarding those diagnosed as
diabetic, the medical advice given by most in the healthcare community  is for you to eat several smaller meals a day in order to keep your sugar levels stable, this plan does not advise doing that. In no way should you go against your doctor’s advice, just as I did not go against mine.

The rest of you who may be prediabetic or just plain obese, I believe, can be helped tremendously by the plan outlined in this e-book.

I look forward to hearing from you with your results.

William  McDonald

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sand skiing near Palm Springs

Sans skis of course.

When I was coming down that impossibly steep and sandy slope Tuesday using my trekking poles, it occurred to me that I should try my hand at skiing down. In my naivete, I thought that I was the first to come up with such an outlandish idea, wrong! But it was sure fun regardless of whether I was the first or not.

This post is about the repeat hike that I made from the week before, this time with pictures and videos. Scratch the embedded video part as the new Open Live Writer has a problem with Youtube and Vimeo embeds. But I will put my Youtube Channel link in for you to head over and check them out if you wish. Also feel free to leave a comment and like or not like the video as you wish.

By the way, I have asked for assistance from the Blogger Help community with the video issue and hope that it can be resolved.

Some of you know that I have made several hikes out by the windmill area of Palm Springs over the years, mainly trying to hike up the ridgeline. Most of these hikes were made when I was, no other way to put it, huge.
Yours truly before my weightloss out in the socal desert.

Since I began my weightloss and avoiding diabetes regimen, I have went back to the area and hiked again. These last two hikes were very enjoyable, despite discovering that the recent rains in the area made the trail on the ridgeline disappear and the soil surface less stable. I can only imagine the damage done to the nearby Pacific Crest Trail as well.

First, here is the location and directions to the area if you are looking for a challenging and fun hike. Also see the screenshot and check out the link to my Viewranger hike info.

Using Interstate 10, you can exit at either Field Road or Haugen-Lehman Road, but it is closer to just get off at HL which is the last exit before the Hwy 111 turnoff to Palm Springs. Go right if you arrive from the west, left if from the east. You will just drive and park off the frontage road(on the Mt San Jacinto side)at the very first large highway billboard. It is okay to park there just don’t park next to the sign in case the workers need access to it. I always put a note on my car that I am hiking in the area with my name and cell number just in case a law enforcement officer decides to stop and check on the situation. Yes, I have been called by the Highway Patrol while hiking!

After parking, cross over the two railroad tracks to the dirt road on the other side and go left, following the road across the wash to the ridgeline. Or you can go crosscountry heading toward the end windmill up next to the mountainside and the road that heads up the switchback toward the left side of that ridge. Trust me, you can’t get lost and do not trespass onto the windmill property as they have an electric fence and security patrolling.
Park to the left as the sign is on the right side. Be very careful, watch for trains and watch your footing on that gravel. You could also follow the tracks going left as the downslope lessens that way on the other side of the tracks. The dirt road is very close on the opposite side of the tracks, follow it across the wash to the ridge and then head toward the mountain until you get to the switchback road against the mountain.

If you do choose to head crosscountry watch out for gopher holes which can cause a sprained ankle. The good news is your cell works here even up on the mountain ridge. Just follow the windmills! This is an interesting hike with photo opportunities around and check out the animal tracks in the wash. The recent rains have scoured the wash pretty good as well as that switchback road up the ridge. Do not try to drive even your tricked out Jeep up that road. I will post photos of the heavy damage that the road took recently. Remember, you have been warned not to drive up the road.
The view once you get to the switchback road. It looks good even for cars here but don’t do it. Here is why.
Up at the top of the picture is where only a dirt bike will be able to continue. Even Big Foot couldn’t go any farther!

No place to turn around, don’t you wish you had listened when Morongobill said don’t drive up?
The view after you get around the baddest spot and right before you top out onto the plateau.
The view from the plateau looking toward the way you came, note that dirt road crossing the ridge, you will hike right to left across it later if you follow this hike as outlined here.
After your little rest break, you will head up this Jeep trail. Be careful.
You were down there. See what I mean about having to be careful?
Now the fun really begins. Don’t put your skis on just yet however. You are about to go 500+ feet straight down the mountainside!
You also have the option of going toward the mountain and up the ridgeline. I found out though that the rains had made the trail almost impossible to follow and the soil felt unstable so I didn’t follow it this time as I did the week before. Instead I followed the road down the mountain.
The view further down where the dirt road becomes deep and soft sand. This time I chose to leave the road and walk on the left side of the road, right down the steep mountainside. Come on, if a formerly huge 61 year year old can do it, so can you! Just be careful!
Looking back uphill.
View once you get to the sandy part. It gets even steeper further downhill. At this point I got off the
road onto the left side and started going downhill. Remember if you don’t have trekking poles or a
sturdy hiking staff to plant your feet sideways to help slow your descent. Do the same on this sandy
road if you stay on it. It is a long way to the bottom, especially if you start rolling downhill!
View to the right.

My battery died filming video with this camera so from now on all photos were made using my cell and will have handshake issues  and lack the sharpness of the ones so far.

Let’s talk about the safe way to descend from the ridge on this very sandy surface. If you do not have a hiking staff or trekking poles along, I suggest that you go downhill placing your feet sideways,planting your feet carefully each time. Be careful as the sand could actually stop one or both feet in mid-fall which could result in a sprained ankle or worse. If you have the gear, you
should be able to work in a more normal manner, again being vigilant. Note, this applies whether you stay on or get off the road here. If you venture off the road, remember to aim for natural breaks such as creosote bush clumps which will stop you if you start rolling downhill! Now let’s get to the pics where you could start sand skiing! Technically I guess I really wasn’t skiing without the skis and only used my hiking shoes, but I was skiing none the less and it was a real hoot! I never felt like I was in any danger and never felt out of control.
I don’t know who or what made those tracks but it appears that they were going uphill.
This is the steep part that I mentioned earlier.
Looking uphill, those tracks appear to have been made by an animal of some sort.
Here I chickened out and quit skiing and started the sideways thing with my feet.
Almost at the bottom.

Once you reach the bottom then you turn left on the dirt road and start following it along the backside of the ridge you were just hiking and skiing on. It is easy and there is no chance of getting lost. After about a third of a mile you will come to some rocks where you can sit down and take a well deserved rest break as I am doing in this photo.

I continued further along the dirt road and came to a point where I could either go cross-country to go around the very lowest point of the ridge and from there cross the wash to make my way back to the car or I could go left and cross the ridge very dirt road as pointed out earlier, the road you could see down the ridgeline in the photo from the plateau.
To the left is the ridge and at the top is the plateau mentioned earlier. Let me add that once I tried going straight down this ridge in the photo and lost control and by a miracle caught ahold of a dead juniper tree limb as I went by, it didn’t break off, and my descent came to a screeching halt, enabling me to resume a controlled pace down the steep and rocky terrain without any injury whatsoever.
The view from the saddle of the dirt road both ways.
The Morongomobile is parked straight ahead to the right of the sign. From this point, I just headed crosscountry toward the sign. Piece of cake after what I and hopefully you will have gone through to get to this point.
The Morongomobile right where I parked it. The billboard is out of the photo, stage left!

This completes the hike. I certainly hope that you try it and the sand skiing part, even if only with your hiking shoes on. My strong advice is that you carry trekking poles or a hiking staff if you go off that dirt road downhill. The trekking poles would be ideal. Skis are optionalOpen-mouthed smile

Here is the screenshot from my Viewranger page. The link is below also. To see the maps, choose from the many options. The options also include the topo which I used here. Note the elevation loss and gain and where 500 feet of that loss came from. Hint: where you need the skis.

My Youtube Channel:

Morongobill's Youtube Channel

I did put up one video which you can view here at this link:

Plus two others going down the slope from a week earlier:

Hope to see you out on the trail. Email me if you are in the area, I am off Tuesday and Wednesday. Let’s go hiking!

Morongobill aka William C McDonald

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easier to enjoy the outdoors after you drop the pounds and inches

Yesterday I drove out to the Palm Springs area to revisit an area where I have hiked up the ridgeline a few times in the past when I was about 60 pounds heavier. I ended up doing a 6.5 kilometer hike up and down the ridgeline, including a very steep, straight down descent, trek down the sandy mountainside.

Normally I use miles but I had Viewranger GPS recording a track on my smartphone and it uses km. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to view the track except using maps, I will try to post a screenshot at the bottom of this post.

Anyhow, here are a couple of shots from the video below and one taken with the phone.

Here is the video. In another video, I said something about “compounding stupid” by taking this shortcut straight down the impossibly steep mountainside.

Sorry I cannot embed the video with my blogging software from either Youtube or Vimeo. Here is the link to the Vimeo site which makes my video look a little better than over at Youtube.

Looks like my infatuation with my new blogging software is over.

You will find out the same as I did that it is much easier to go hiking or biking, whatever, when you are not having to carry around the extra lard on your frame. One of the components of my plan presented in the e-book is that you do some sort of aerobic exercise 5 days a week. This helps build your wind and stamina which helps immensely in outdoor activities.

So buy the book and get started or do it on your own, get out and move!

William McDonald