Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions

Hard to believe that another year has passed but it has. And what a year it was. It was the year that thanks to my doctor, I finally met my health condition head on and won!

It is all outlined in the e-book.

This past year, I began at around 230 pounds and ended up this morning at 169.4 pounds. I began the year prediabetic and ended it with my doctor’s words echoing in my ears- “keep up what you are doing and I will never tell you that you are diabetic.”And my HA1C average bloodsugar reading went down from 6.3 to 5.2.


I began looking like this
An image posted by the author.

and this is how I finished up.

Here are my main resolutions for the New Year.

  1. Keep my HA1C at 5.2 or lower. This will be accomplished by continuing with the plan as in the e-book.
  2. Maintain my weight on or about 170 pounds, say +/- 2 pounds up or down.
  3. Work on a second edition of the e-book with more information on what to do once you meet your own individual weight target.
  4. Utilizing my new exercise cycle to its’ maximum potential which will bring more definition to my once fat body and help maintain my fitness and bloodsugar levels.
  5. Spend more time doing what I love best, exploring the beautiful California Mojave Desert and a jewel of the National Park Service, the Mojave National Preserve.
  6. Buy some sort of recreational vehicle to be able to fully enjoy #5 above.

There you have it, what are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Go ahead, spend the 99 cents for the e-book and begin making them your new reality. Don’t spend the next year wishing you had only begun to start improving your health and your self image- do it today!

William C McDonald

Friday, December 18, 2015

Blogging software issues solved

From now on, all posts will be made using Open Live Writer, a carbon copy of my favorite Windows Live Writer, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. OLW was made by Microsoft volunteers and all issues between it and Google re: passwords have been resolved.

I feel like kissing my computer screen. Thank the Lord, no more dealing with the buggy Google software. I can devote my energy to getting the word out for
this e-book.

On another note, I pick up my new exercise bike this morning and hope to put it together and get a ride in this morning, pics to follow so stay tuned!

William McDonald

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Exercise bike died and a housekeeping matter

Well after 10 years my exercise bike chain locked up inside and I decided to pull the plug on it and buy a new one. The new one is a Marcy Air 1 fan bike and I paid $294 including a 2 year service contract at Walmart. I will pick it up Friday at my local store and hope to be riding again by Saturday, which will be a week without the exercise component of my program outlined in this e-book.

So far, I have lost a half pound since the bike died but that may change by tomorrow morning after my buffet run today for lunch. The pics are not how I would present them, that will be discussed in a few minutes.

Regarding a housekeeping matter. There was a major problem with my favorite blogging software, Windows Live Writer, in that due to a software issue between Google and Microsoft, my name and password were no longer being recognised when WLW presented them to Blogger. I attempted to fix the issue and today after no success again just gave up and removed the software from my system. So now I am using the buggy Blogger site software which is pretty hard to work with and has issues as you see above. Those pica are supposed to be in a different location on this page but I cannot make it so.

Let me close with this pic of my old bike which served me a long time.
Now the pic function works, go figure.

Just so you know, here is my blood sugar taken a hour and a half after finishing my meal. By the way, I am prediabetic, this is a great number and it means that this diet and exercise thing does work.
Thanks for stopping by. Now buy the book and start losing some pounds!

William McDonald

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Before and after

This post is being created with the Blogger software as due to a problem going on between Google and Microsoft, my normal blogging software, Windows Live Writer, no longer works. Blogger has certain formatting problems which is why I preferred to use WLW. Most likely I will be moving over to the Wordpress platform.

Here is an after video which I made yesterday while on a visit to the Morongo Canyon Nature Preserve.

The video is how I look now after I started the diet and exercise routine on April 15, 2015 after being told by my doctor that I was running the risk of getting diabetes if I didn’t make some changes in my life.

Below are several photos taken as video stills of me prior to that day.

Note that I am unable to add a closing paragraph or a signature like normal, this will have to be it. I will put the link for the ebook below.
Link to the ebook"Your pants will fall down" 

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lab results

It took a little effort and time but I have finally got my blood work results scanned and uploaded to my Google Drive account for public viewing. These
were to be in the appendix but time was short, the appendix will be for the 2nd edition of the e-book.

Here is the link, no password required for access.
Lab results

Here is a screen shot of the HA1C results, the average blood sugar over a 3 month period.


The 5.2 reading is why the doctor told me if I keep on with my program I will never get diabetes. The 6.2 reading at the bottom, back in April, is why I embarked on this journey to start with.

Powerful numbers.

William McDonald

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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Deliberately falling off the diet wagon, conclusion

As of this morning, I am back at my target weight which is 170 pounds.

Now I made this weight drop in 3 days without missing a meal. I even had fast food such as the fish taco below as well as some from Del Taco, not pictured because I wolfed it down before remembering to photograph it!

Heck, yesterday I started out the day with a huge brunch of fried eggs and bacon, refried beans, sauteed chayote, calabasas and banana from the tree in the backyard. I wiped the plate with a slice of very tasty 15 grain whole bread.

Now remember, I like to ride my exercise bike 5 days a week and I did that the last two days. I do not do sprints on it. I just go about 9.5 to 10.5 miles per hour, just enough to get the cardio benefits. I ride from 30-35 minutes 95% of the time, watching a movie etc while doing it.


Since you haven’t read the e-book yet, here is a freebie to remember the next time that you go to the produce section of your local supermarket. Taste these two and you will want to buy this e-book, trust me.

In the plate directly above are sauteed calabasas and chayote. Calabasas is usually in the market with the name(at least in southern California where I live) Mexican squash and chayote(technically a member of the gourd family) is also labeled chayote squash. They look like this, chayote top and calabasas

Here is another freebie. This is how my girlfriend cooks them and it is so simple that even I can do it. Let’s talk about the bottom photo first.

Rinse the Mexican squash off, then slice it in strips or circles, whatever, put a little oil or butter in a pan and sautee it on a low to medium low heat just for 2 0r 3 minutes each side. Brown it. That’s it. Maybe try it in olive oil. These are good for any meal, I love this calabasas(what she calls it) especially for breakfast. It also is good in caldos which are Mexican style meat soups, see below for a tasty example. By the way, the bowl is huge!

Now let’s get a mess of that chayote prepped and ready for cooking, okay?

Basically you take a potato peeler and scrape the shiny green layer off the outside. You do not have to get it all. Then she cuts in half vertically, and dies it or just slices it horizontally, whatever. Oh and by the way, there are no seeds to scoop out. The whole thing is edible! Now this is good in caldos as well, I like to think of it as a substitute for potatoes. These need to be cooked longer in oil to soften them up, takes about 10-15 minutes. Now for your info this tastes sweet(they both do) but do not spike your blood sugar. They are not fattening. They are nutritious. They taste great! To me they are perfect! I guarantee if you incorporate them into your diet, you will lose weight.

That is not a potato above, that is chayote. So you will know, chayote has a pale greenish color to it, that’s how you can tell it in a dish. Here is how it looks prepped and in a sauce pan with oil being sauteed.

Here is the limb that was cut off the banana tree in the backyard a couple of weeks ago, we are still eating off this.

Man this blogging thing is making me hungry! Come visit again as my next post will be some info about me with before photos and now, feel free to subscribe to the blog and by all means click the link below to check out the book and buy it if you would like to.
Your pants will fall down: The easy way to drop pounds and inches through diet and exercise!

Thanks for stopping by.

William McDonald

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Deliberately falling off the diet wagon, Part Two

Well it has been about 18 hours since my blowout bash at Hometown Buffet and all that I have had to eat since then was one small Fuji apple and a big spoon of peanut butter. So what do you think that my weigh in total was this morning?

Whatever figure you have in mind I think is too high. Here is the photo from this morning at 6 when I got up. By the way, I step on the scale first thing in the morning everyday and most days I do take a photo and if I am surprised or I think that it needs to be verified, I will move the scale to another spot on the tile floor and re-weigh. This is the procedure that I followed this morning and got the same reading both times.

3 pounds down from the weigh in when I got home from the buffet yesterday but still a net gain of 1.6 pounds from the morning weight yesterday, pre-buffet visit.

I am pretty sure that there will be another reduction by tomorrow morning as well, despite my breakfast this morning.

Carne asada beefsteak with chayote and Mexican squash, along with onions, potatoes and tomatoes.

Come back tomorrow to see what happened to the weight gain, down or this meal push it up?

William McDonald

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Deliberately falling off the diet wagon, Part One

One thing about the plan that I have been working with and the subject of the book is that it is forgiving when you deliberately go off of it, say for a trip to the buffet like I did today or for a big holiday meal like Thanksgiving. This post is about my visit to the Hometown Buffet today for the senior lunch.

I woke up thinking about the buffet and decided to go with a good friend. But first let me tell you that with that in mind, I had a light breakfast of a couple of cups of coffee with nondairy creamer and honey added and a serving of steel cut oatmeal with honey and raisins added.

My blood sugar was 104 about 2 hours after eating breakfast. My weight upon waking up is in the photo below.

  • Here is what I had at the buffet and the order it was eaten:
    cream of asparagus soup over sweet cornbread
    taco meat,pinto beans,shredded cheese,sour cream,pico de gallo salsa
    2 small hamburger meat patties with gravy
    mashed potatoes with gravy
    sweet carrots
    2 big pieces of broasted chicken
    sweet corn
    green beans with butter on top
    banana slices with strawberry jam
    vanilla frozen yogurt with lots of chocolate sauce and a little strawberry sauce
    chocolate pudding with whipped cream

    black coffee
    small glass of 2% milk

When I left the buffet I was uncomfortably full, or stuffed like a “Christmas goose!”

One hour later I got home and re-weighed myself. Remember I started out the morning at 169.8 pounds.

I also checked my blood sugar at this time. I was hoping against hope that it would not be over 200.

An unbelievably low number! Here again, one hour after that one and during these two tests, I rode my exercise bike for 44 minutes, 7.3 stationary miles and burning 306.4 calories.

One hour after this it was 133.

An hour after that reading it was down to 110.

The lesson for those with prediabetes and insulin resistance was that the exercise helped lessen the severity of the sugar spike and the duration. Another factor influencing the sugar was the order the foods were eaten and also eating fiber rich foods as well, like the green beans and the pinto beans mixed with proteins and fats.

Your grandmother was right. Eat your desserts last! Eat your veggies!

So come back tomorrow and we will find out just how severely my next day’s weigh in will be impacted by this eating binge.

William McDonald

P.S. I also take Metformin 250 mg twice a day for my prediabetes which helps a little with sugar spikes.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Updated the e-book description on Amazon

This is the new description which is awaiting approval at Amazon. This is what someone interested in the book will see when they click on the link. I stand behind every word as it has all happened to me. I believe that it can happen for you as well. Ignore the squiggly lines please.

Carrying extra pounds and inches around your waist and elsewhere? Tired of overhearing the snide remarks aimed in your direction about your weight? Worried that you might be on a one way trip to insulin resistance, prediabetes or God forbid, Type Two Diabetes?

The author was having all these issues which came to a head in mid April 2015 during a visit to the doctor for the semi-annual checkup and bloodwork analysis. Officially diagnosed prediabetic and with insulin resistance, the prognosis was a one way trip to Type Two Diabetes and insulin shots unless something changed.  This was a disaster because I am a professional driver and if diagnosed Type 2 diabetic required to take insulin shots, it would mean that I would lose my license and livelihood.

Well something changed alright.The talk from my doctor galvanized me and I finally got serious about my health and took action.

This e-book is the culmination of my efforts that began immediately after walking out of the doctor's office. Efforts that have been distilled into a few easy to follow and understand concepts that you can readily add to your daily routine. Incorporating them into my life has resulted in 60 pounds of fat lost, the shrinking down of my waist size from 41 to 33 inches, and my doctor telling me to my face- "keep up what you are doing and you will never get diabetes."

You can get similar results. You can implement the ideas outlined in this e-book into your life cheaply, with no major expenditures or onerous calorie counting required. You can eat big nutritious meals and never feel like "you are on a diet." In fact, your friends and family may even call you a liar after watching you pack the food away, especially when you tell them that you are losing weight to boot!

Like I have, you can assume some measure of control over your body. It is not inevitable that you stay fat and get sick, if you can start changing some of your ways today. It is an inevitability that if you don't, serious consequences may occur sooner rather than later.

It is all up to you.

So why not try to become master of your own body? You can start changing your life and health today. It really is much easier than you think!”

Please excuse me while I dig into exactly one of those meals.

William McDonald

P.S. Add 2 small corn tortillas and extra spinach and onions, I was a little hungry. I am very confident that this meal will not spike my sugar levels nor will it raise my weight.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Falling off the weight loss wagon is easy to do, and easy to get back up on with the right plan(with pictures)

Let me tell you folks something. I like to eat. I used to like to eat junk food but a good ole fashioned diabetes scare took that right out of me. But I still like
to eat. Here is a quick story with pictures of what happens when you fall off the wagon and then use the plan outlined in the e-book to get back with it.

It started Tuesday, 11/24/2015. On that morning, I weighed in at 172.2 pounds.

That morning for breakfast I had a big bowl of steel cut oats with honey and raisins added for taste. No problem there.

Then for lunch, I went to Hometown Buffet with a friend to discuss this e-book. You know what is coming. Below is what I ate at that meal:

cream of broccoli soup, a bowl of taco meat with pinto beans-shredded cheese- sour cream-pico de gallo salsa, 3 or 4 big pieces of chicken,serving of whole kernel sweet corn,serving of green beans with butter on top,small hamburger patty with gravy,1 piece baked white fish,glass of2% milk,cup of black coffee, and the coup de grace was the big bowl of chocolate pudding with a serving spoon size dollop of whipped cream on top!

When I got home, I jumped on the exercise bike for 30 minutes going 4.8 miles and burning 203.7 calories.

Later that night, my girlfriend gave me this plate for my supper which was pork and brown rice. I also ate a big spoon of peanut butter.

After eating again, I knew that I was in real weight trouble and hopped back on the exercise bike for another 30 minutes going 4.8 miles and burning 203.6 calories.

I went to bed and woke up the next morning to see this number staring at me from the scale. And I believe only the two exercise rides kept it from being much worse.

My work was definitely cut out for me due to my self inflicted dietary wound. But I wasn’t finished. I did not exercise the 25th and had these two meals below. Note that bowl is not a cereal bowl, it is a HUGE bowl, almost 3 times the size!

Remember I did not ride the bike on the 25th. The next morning, Thanksgiving Day, I stepped up on the scale to this sight which blew me away as I expected another weight gain but instead…….

No change in my weight, despite all the food from the day before. This year my girlfriend didn’t feel up to doing the Thanksgiving thing, fine by me as I was in the pickle with this weight gain, so I had these meals. Breakfast was a big bowl of steel cut oatmeal. Lunch was another giant bowl of her beef caldo with pinto beans poured on top along with a sliced up banana. Wiped out the bowl with one of her gorditas, Mexican style hoecake made from corn masa. For dinner, I had Del Taco fast food- mini cheese quesadilla and a small chicken taco.

Well of course my weight should have gone up the next morning, but this is what I saw.

I lost 2.2 pounds which I attribute more to exercise. I forgot to mention that on Thanksgiving Day I rode 30 minutes for 4.9 miles and burned 208.6 calories.

As far as food on the 27th, yesterday, I had a big bowl of the steel cut oatmeal for breakfast, lunch was a small chili from Wendy’s and dinner was a fish taco from Alberto’s Mexican drive thru. When I got home I had a giant spoon of peanut butter and half a glass of regular milk.

Drum roll. This morning’s weigh in pic shows the lowest weight in decades, making it 60+ pounds lost since this thing began with that infamous doctor visit on April 15th this year.

Everybody falls off the wagon from time to time. But with this plan, you can do so and still climb back up on that wagon, eating big and nutritious meals while doing so along with easy aerobic exercising.

Now go buy the book and tell a friend!

William McDonald

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

E-book finally live on Amazon Kindle

After struggling with the formatting to upload the manuscript for Kindle for over three weeks, I finally decided to let a pro handle it. I went with Hauser Publishing out in Marina del Rey where I believe their office is located and Nicole who is one of the co-founders did the work. Right now they have a web special where they will do all the formatting for you in the different formats and return the files to you for a great price of $89, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

They can be reached via the web here.

This e-book is the story of my efforts to lose weight and make lifestyle changes in order to avoid possibly becoming diabetic in the near to mid-future. In a nutshell, I came up with my take on the diet and exercise recommendation from my doctor and in the process have lost almost 60 pounds at this very moment and 8 inches from my waistline.

I believe that the same results can be had by you.

This blog will be the place where I write about things that may end up in the second edition as well as expand upon some of the things in the book if needed, until that new edition comes out. I will also post an appendix here first for that edition as well as other photos and meal tips, etc.

So come back for future updates or subscribe to the mailing list.

In the meantime, feel free to surf over to Amazon and pick up the book here.

About me. I am a 61 year old shuttle bus driver and part-time blogger. Just an average guy who was fat for decades. I loved anything and everything with sugar added. I also came close to being diabetic which ran on both sides of the family. I finally saw the light after getting the bad news from my doctor this past April 15th, this book is the culmination of my efforts to change my situation and I believe it can help you.


William McDonald

P.S. The inspiration for the title is due to the fact that my pants fell down every time I my waist size reduced, 41 down to the current 33 inch.