Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easier to enjoy the outdoors after you drop the pounds and inches

Yesterday I drove out to the Palm Springs area to revisit an area where I have hiked up the ridgeline a few times in the past when I was about 60 pounds heavier. I ended up doing a 6.5 kilometer hike up and down the ridgeline, including a very steep, straight down descent, trek down the sandy mountainside.

Normally I use miles but I had Viewranger GPS recording a track on my smartphone and it uses km. Unfortunately I haven’t figured out how to view the track except using maps, I will try to post a screenshot at the bottom of this post.

Anyhow, here are a couple of shots from the video below and one taken with the phone.

Here is the video. In another video, I said something about “compounding stupid” by taking this shortcut straight down the impossibly steep mountainside.

Sorry I cannot embed the video with my blogging software from either Youtube or Vimeo. Here is the link to the Vimeo site which makes my video look a little better than over at Youtube.

Looks like my infatuation with my new blogging software is over.

You will find out the same as I did that it is much easier to go hiking or biking, whatever, when you are not having to carry around the extra lard on your frame. One of the components of my plan presented in the e-book is that you do some sort of aerobic exercise 5 days a week. This helps build your wind and stamina which helps immensely in outdoor activities.

So buy the book and get started or do it on your own, get out and move!

William McDonald

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