Saturday, April 23, 2016

Great 6 month Doctor visit 4/20/2016, results in!

Triglycerides plummeted from 209 six months ago all the way down to 58. One year ago they were at 367.

It is fair to say that my plan has really improved my liver’s condition.

HA1C down from 5.2 to 5.1, despite the buffet with dessert visits! Again the plan is working. A year ago, it was 6.3.

Cholesterol dropped from 185 to 167. HDL(good) is now just one point into the good range at 41. It does not seem to be considered in the low range anymore. LDL(bad) did go up 7 points but my doctor wasn’t concerned.

I weighed in at 171.6 pounds the morning of my doctor visit which was down from 230 pounds a year ago. I have been in the 170-179 pound range since around the first week of October 2015, around 6 months, so my maintenance program appears to be working.

Immediately below this paragraph is my weigh in from this morning, followed by yesterday’s. Below that is a photo of my main meal two days in a row, the first from yesterday. That is a gargantuan sized bowl overflowing with good food. Those are HUGE chunks of beef there and veggies, HUGE!

I had 5 cups of coffee before heading out to see my doctor so you would think that my pulse and blood pressure readings would be up, right? Wrong, the pressure was 107/62 with a pulse reading of 61.

I attribute the blood pressure and pulse reading improvement to the aerobic exercise component of my plan which is riding the exercycle at a moderate pace for anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes or so a day, 5 times a week.

That shows 11 miles ridden going 52 minutes and burning 404 calories. I did not go fast.

Here’s another surprise for you guys. You know that(if you don’t I will tell you now) one of the components of the plan outlined in my e-book and here is that you must pass on as much sugar, if not all, for the first 2-3 months to kick start your recovery from your pre-diabetic condition.

That is not a permanent situation though. Look at the photo below to show how you can add it back later on in your efforts and still get the numbers(or similar) as I just did.

 Imagine if you will that you buy this e-book and you commit to the plan for say three months. You cut your sugar consumption, quit eating “out of the box”, go out and buy a cheap used exercise bike off Craigslist and ride it for 30 minutes five days a week, take your medicines that your doctor has prescribed(if that has happened) and overall just change your routine slightly, would you consider the $2.99 you spent a good investment? As you continue along with the simple plan, learning your body as you go, watching the pounds and inches drop, would you enjoy hearing people making comments about just how skinny you are getting? How nice would it be to visit your doctor and not get a lecture on why you should let him prescribe Lipitor or another statin drug to get your cholesterol numbers under control?

I say all that and more are possible to you right now if you just make a decision to change your ways a little bit. I say hold off right now on that decision to buy that Starbucks latte and spend the three bucks to gain a little knowledge. Knowledge is power they say.

I walked out of my doctor’s office a year ago weighing 230 pounds with a HA1C sugar average at 6.3 carrying a handout and a reminder to see a nutritionist and take the meds that were prescribed and a warning ringing in my ears, that was it. But thanks to info that is out there and my own efforts, I formulated an approach that now has me with a HA1C reading at 5.1 and in my opinion, a rejuvenated liver, and a weight that sits very comfortably between 170-175. I do not count calories nor do I “eat like a bird.”

Note that I only had 2 slices of the toast,the rest went down the hatch. Eat until you feel full then stop. This will be my big meal of the day. There will be a small one later and maybe a snack at bedtime.

I want you to be in the same situation that I am.

Buy the e-book or another from one of the other fine authors and get started. You will thank me later.

P.S. Your comments are welcome.

William McDonald

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